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Via BANES Local Authority

Path problems are generally the responsibility of the Local Authority in which the path is situated.  You can report problems to their Public Rights of Way (PROW) Department and most Local Authorities have contact details on their website.  
We, The BRAM Team, work closely with Bath and North East Somerset Council and they can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  You should give as much detail about the problem and the location as possible.  
If possible, it is helpful to give them a path number.  Path numbers can be found nationally on where you can scroll down the page and type in a place name.  This will take you to a map selector where you can choose Ordnance Survey Map (for instance) to zoom in on.  Click on any path to be given its path number.
Within Bath and North East Somerset, you can also use  
Here you need to choose "Highways" and then "Public Rights of Way" on the left hand side and then zoom in and scroll to the area you want to find. Again, click on any path to be given its path number.
If you cannot find the path number when reporting a problem, or in addition to a path number, then an Ordnance Survey grid reference can also be helpful.
Via Ramblers Pathwatch 
You can also report various path issues, both problems and highlights, through The Ramblers' app, "Pathwatch" .  This can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or Android's Google Play Store and taken out into the countryside with you.  This will interact with the GPS in your device to identify your location straight into your report and it is quite fun to use.  More details can be found on The Ramblers' website, here .....
..... where you will alternatively find a button to  report problems through The Ramblers online.  All reports received through the Pathwatch app are transmitted to the Local Authorities fortnightly.
What happens next?
Within Bath and North East Somerset, the Officers will investigate a reported problem within a few days but they may not be able to solve it immediately, possibly due to legal issues or practical arrangements that have to be made.  In due course they may ask the volunteer groups, including ourselves, to fix the problem or they may employ a contractor to carry out work on their behalf.  Sometimes, for minor issues, the Officers may solve the problem themselves by some vegetation cutting on the spot.  For these minor issues we can all help by carrying secateurs when we walk.
Monday, December 17, 2018